Mid April News

Hello to all”, what a great a month it has been with the sun shinning and for horsing around. Horses seem to just feel great and be going so well , I would say its basically because of the warmth in the air and green grass that makes them feel good inside.

Oaks Volta is growing bigger everyday and every evening he has a run around his paddock kicking up his heels and even neighing in delight and excitement. LH King Arthur who is next to him just looks on and watches Volta use up all his excess energy but does not think to join him in his efforts. The two have become good friends as did LH Beckham when Volta was stabled. We have decided Volta will fit in where ever we  choose to place him without causing to much fuss but of course not next to a mare I might add!

LH King Arthur in the background with Oaks Volta

Every month on the 15th we shall put a post up to guess Oaks Volta’s weight for the month ahead. This will give guessers enough time to think of the closest weight he might be. You can write your guess on his facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/WatchVoltaGrow or on our website here at the comments section below with the name ,date and time posted. The guidleines for determining the winner are outlined in an earlier post Winner Weight. Team Joyce would like to take this opportunity to suggest our viewers research our Sponsors for “Watch Volta Grow”.



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Join in and “Watch Volta Grow” and go to http://www.facebook.com/WatchVoltaGrow  and to participate in guessing his weight each month to win great prizes!