LH Rhonda reminded us of LH Brittany

Team Joyce had a super time today going to Foster Agricultural Show with the car and float taking LH Lily Puss and LH Rhonda. Wesley drove us very early in the morning making sure Tiffany was ready to go first up giving her every opportunity to get around without to many distractions confidently. The engines had not started up nor the rides so the atmosphere was perfect. LH Rhonda reminded us of LH Brittany with her easy going impeccable nature, they both have the same mother Demi a Daktalys Daley K cross mare, who is still with us today taking care of all our fillies.

Have a listen to the Barastoc Chat-ski with Mr Ian Chalmers one of the judges for the showjumping section.

Wes walked the course with Tiffany and advised she give Rhonda a walk over the sand that was spread in front of every jump to make sure she felt the difference from grass. Once Bev Shandley rang the bell the two cantered off to shine’ and shine they did. With no rails but two little fly bys the round was devine. Tiffany was keen to attempt the 95cm.

Wes and Tiffany helped me get LH Lily Puss ready as I was going in the HRCAV ring at 10am. Tiffany and Sarah are so good at applying sharks teeth and all that stuff which makes Lil’s bootie look beautiful.

I was able to quickly watch the 95cm round before our first class and again Rhonda jumped with ease. Lil and I had a go in everything on the program and came away with a 3rd and three 4th’s. She worked extremely well I could not have asked for more we were not the judges most liked combination today needless to say we had an absolute ball. I have trouble shutting my mouth I really do ‘ I try but the feeling of joy over whelms me. Riding Lil Star is the ultimate!

I also had a huge social day meeting greeting with so many lovely people’ I really cannot name all the names here singularly as I would feel so awful if I forgot to write ones name. Please know Lil and I are so looking forward to chatting again ring side we both love a good gossip it feels so good taking while mounted on horseback.