LH Priscilla stars again

Team Joyce keep in touch with Natalya Vallelonga the proud owner of LH Priscilla also known as Bella at home. I keep in touch on Facebook with Natalya and recently saw another post which was one of many saying LH Priscilla stars again. I had to write and ask Natalya to give us all an update on how the pair were going. This is what was kindly written to us:

LH Priscilla (or more commonly known as Bella at home) is definitely one very special mare! Bella has such a lovely willing nature and I think she could secretly be a gelding at heart as she is never marey and is one of the most relaxed horses I have ever met, but with a spooky edge! Her life pretty much revolves around eating and sleeping and the occasional times when she’s frightfully scared of nothing (like a leaf on the ground and piles of dirt). Bella is one of those horses who you can drag out of the paddock after not being ridden in 3 months and be the same horse as if she were in full work being ridden 4 – 5 days a week. This made my life a lot easier last year trying compete and study Year 12. Everywhere I go Bella always receives compliments about what a stunning horse she is and how well she behaves. She is loved by everyone and I have even had multiple people want to buy her from me!

LH Priscilla & Natalya with one of many accolades

LH Priscilla & Natalya with one of many accolades

Currently I am competing Bella in Pony Club events particularly eventing but we do have a go at a bit of everything and she never fails to succeed, 90% of the time bringing home ribbons! She has taken me from Grade 4 to Grade 2 in the space of two years and has been an excellent horse to learn on! Bella’s wonderful temperament has made my journey progressing up the grades a very stress free one, particularly in jumping where she generally always manages to get me out of trouble. In saying that, even though she is such an easy going horse and jumps basically anything I point her at, I still need to ride her correctly or she will choose not to jump sometimes if she thinks she doesn’t have to.

Our most recent events were Drysdale Leopold Pony Club Horse Trails where I competed in Grade 3 non-competitive as it was my first Horse Trials back in 6 months after completing Year 12 and ended up winning! Very pleased about that effort I then decided to go back up to grade 2 for my next event which was Ballan Pony Club Horse Trails. Due to working late most nights the week before Ballan HT Bella ended up with only one ride before the competition but yet we still managed to pull off a decent Dressage test putting us in 7th, then a clear cross county under time and lastly one rail in show jumping due to a bit of a dodgy line. But despite that overall we placed 6th which I thought was not too bad considering it was only our second Grade 2!! As you can see I own one killer pony!

After deciding Bella’s talent lays in Eventing as she is such a ripper of an all rounder and absolutely loves galloping around cross country, my plans for her in 2016 is to get her out to more Horse tTrials and join EA as this will allow us to progress even further! Even though mum says I’m never allowed to compete any higher than Grade 2 Pony Club, we just won’t tell her because Bella and I have way too much fun!! I would also like to improve our Dressage and get her out to a few Dressage competitions as well!

I am very lucky to own such a remarkable pony and I think everyone needs a Bella in their life!!

Team Joyce love to hear stories like these ones where the Lals Haven performance horse has kept their owner so content wanting more ! We loved hearing that LH Priscilla is still making Natalya so happy wanting to do more. LH Priscilla is also by LH Paulie and always contained one of those impeccable temperaments can and will do all traits. We remember Wes breaking her in and in no time Sarah was having fun at home and rode her out at only one freshmans day. Priscilla was always so easy going with plenty of stunning looks !

Enjoy your rides Natalya you look fabulous on her , no wonder people like what they see because you both make a very pretty picture indeed. Thank you for keeping in touch we love to hear your updates all the very best for your season ahead. Happy riding ‘ oh love your gorgeous smile Natalya .

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