Facts about wethers

Simply put, a wether goat is a male goat that has been castrated already. Wethered goats are male goats that can no longer reproduce. Young male goats, also known as bucklings, will grow up to be bucks. Bucks can breed, but they also take on some problematic behaviors that might not be a good fit for your setup. But wetheres make the most adorable friendly loyal pets.

No smell

Did you know Wethers live longer than bucks with an 11 to 16-year life span. Although wethers cannot breed does, they can still tell when a doe is in heat. Having a wether during breeding season is quite beneficial. After the bucks have bred the herd, a wether will let you know if a breeding was unsuccessful and the doe needs to be reintroduced to a buck.

I am often asked do wethers stink ? The answer is no. Since “wethers,” as males that have been deprived of their testes are known, produce no smell, it stands to reason that the aroma of an intact male has a connection to reproduction. Because they have lost the testosterone, wethers grow little to no beard typically, do not urinate on their face, or have other “bucky” behaviors.

Since they are not producing sperm, babies, or milk, wethers are very easy keepers and only need pasture in the summer, a good grass hay in winter, and free choice, loose minerals year round. Wethers are very affordable , live longer , fun to be around, low maintenance, easy to train, make great family pets and make the most wonderful companions !