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Welcome back  show jumping shows! Team Joyce are so ready to ride again and so are our Lals Haven Performance horses. We are taking LH King Arthur, LH Beckham , Irish Ace , LH Noah and LH Pugsly out and about. LH Brittany will join in now and then when Tiffany is free to meet up otherwise she enjoys her luxury life style stabled , paddocked and well fed! She would have to be the queen of the stable block at the moment. Oaks Volta is King though ha ha. Sarah will also come along and meet Wes & I at the shows and ride which ever young one she likes!

Tiffany aboard the wonderful LH Brittany

Wes & Irish Ace

Wes & LH King Arthur

Wes & LH Beckham

We shall post all our results and pictures of each event we go to and highlight each horses feeding regime at home and out at the competition. Each horse receives a different type and quantity of Barastoc Calm Performer and or Cool Command with Beet because they are individuals in every way. Each horse has its own unique temperament, weakness &  strengths so therefore each one has a different need. We shall outline all this in regular posts during the show season. Enjoy watching Team Joyce during 2012-2013. We start on the 4th -5th August.