Just Grazin Custom Nets are simply the best

Just Grazin Custom Nets® are your go to one stop hay net shop. Quality slow feed hay nets, made right here in Australia for 10yrs! We have all your hay net needs covered, with our huge range of net sizes. Various hole sizes are available for you to choose from, these include 3cm, 4cm & 6cm. If you cant find a net which suits your needs, we can custom make a slow feed hay net for you (a FREE service we offer our customers). Whatever size your hay bale is, we have the hay net just for you!

Slow feed hay net specialists

If you are not sure which hay net to choose have a look here to help you decide. Each size netting suits different hay types, different individual horses and livestock. Netting choice will also be impacted by what you want from the net, whether its to reduce waste, slow the rate of consumption or a combination of both.

This month we look at the small size Just Grazin Custom Hay Nets 3cm 4cm & 6cm offering so many payment and postal options below