Jumping surfaces are immaculate

Even though the weather was horribly wet this morning it did not make things difficult to jump at all. Boneo Park is the ultimate facility no matter what the weather brings. The jumping surfaces are immaculate , the tractor driver was out there fluffing up the sand in between classes.

Boneo Park’s jumping surfaces are immaculate

Quicker pace for the first round

Team Joyce really enjoy going to Boneo. We took two horses today for Tiffany to enjoy. LH Voleta for the 60cm – 70cm & LH Johnny 1m – 1.10m. While riding Voleta it poured and blowed. We got very wet , but jumped two lovely clean rounds. Wes always encourages our young horses to travel a quicker pace for the first round. With so much to see , like the signage etc… he feels it is best to make sure they are going forward having them light on your hands.

The second round can be a little slower

You can see in the video below how Voleta travels in each round. We very rarely do jump offs with our young horses. If they complete the round confidently we call it a day.

LH Voleta is by Oaks Volta / Darco / Vivant / Argentinus

The sun came out the rain drifted away by the time we saddled Johnny. Tiffany really enjoyed jumping her favourite. He was a very well behaved fella also jumping two nice clean rounds. We loaded up and drove home. Wes & I were so tuckered out after getting up so early. Very pleased to sit down for the afternoon. Hope you have a nice weekend 🙂

Next outing will be the Lever Equestrian Freshmans