Handsome is his home name

Team Joyce have put all our LH Broodmares in foal to Cera Ducati / Handsome. He is very different to our Oaks Volta in many ways. It will take longer for him to mature as his body frame is so large. He stands at 16.3hh now , guessing he will mature to over 17hh. Wes has again done everything himself handling him from a yearling.

Handsome is his home name

We flew up to Cera Stud to view him at 6 weeks of age fell in love and from the moment we laid eyes on him the words ” Oh my isn’t he handsome ” stuck in our minds. Therefore once he arrived home in our stable block the home name had to be Handsome!

Fully Imported stallion possessing the best blood

Wes picked this stallion purely on his breeding just like Oaks Volta. Purchasing them so young is the only way we can afford it. The maturing time is a killer but hopefully good things come to those who wait lol. Some days Wes says I am running out of time ‘ , then I remind him you are only as old as you subject yourself to be.

Handsome is so easy to collect from and his semen is what they call supa dooper !

It has millions of healthy swimmers swimming around , we have only inseminated all of our mares once which can be a mixture of a few reasons. Luck , skill , healthy mares and good quality semen. Here are a few pictures I took of the embryos.

Which mares are in foal to Handsome ?

Maiden mares LH Queenbee ( Yandoo Quinzy Z ) LH Valentina ( Sire Oaks Volta + Dam Kelso Bernie / Daley K ) . Then the oldies but goodies , Blackall Park Chiquita ( Daley K ) , LH Passion ( Souvenir / Dam Kelso Bernie Daley K ) , LH Foxy ( Marquis Faust Z / Daley K ) , LH Pearl (Souvenir / Daley K  ,& Ella de la Estrella ( Valhalla )