Goat truth

Hey everyone ??

I have been receiving a huge amount of queries about purchasing goats lately (which is amazing!) but I just wanted to reiterate a few goat truths that I find myself repeating often:

? You will need a PIC number to own goats, this is a necessary legal requirement. It’s free and easy to get online at https://pic.agriculture.vic.gov.au

? Please consider the amount of space you have on your property & if it’s suitable and/or council approved to have goats on your property. They cannot live in a suburban backyard.

? Goats shouldn’t be tethered where it can be avoided. They can strangle themselves and are very vulnerable to dog attacks.

? Goats are only sold in pairs or to owners with another goat. They are herd animals and need a friend of their own species to be happy.

?On that note, a dog or any other typical pet animal is not a suitable companion for a goat. They cannot interpret each other’s body language and play can become too rough (usually at the goats expense)

?Bucks are smelly and generally do not make good pets. However wethers (desexed males) are lovely and generally make nice quiet pets, compared to does who can be noisy when on heat (every 21 days).

? When transporting goats to a new location you must complete a Waybill or NVD that tracks the movements of the goats to trace any disease outbreaks.

? You need proper fencing. Never leave anything climbable next to fences as they will use it to explore.

? Goats need a proper shelter, they hate getting wet and need a shed or structure that is wind and rain proof.

? Yes you probably can get a goat for $100 off gumtree, but has it been well handled? Disease tested? Registered? Vaccinated? Wormed? Disbudded? These are all things to factor in.

Goats need ongoing maintenance including regular hoof trimming, vaccinating and drenching. You may need someone else to help you if you are a small person and don’t have a milking stand. Here are some Facebook pages I recommend joining for more information: Goats Australia Goat Vet Oz Goat Vet Corner Miniature Goat Lovers Australia Sheep and Goat Crazies And here are some goat clubs to join as a social member and to meet/chat with other breeders: https://mgba.com.au/ https://www.miniaturegoatsaustralia.com/ I’m not an expert but always happy for people to inbox me further questions.

I hope these goats truths are helpful and make is much easier to understand the facts about these amazing creatures I have grown to love and adore.

Application for a Property Identification Code (PIC)