Getting ready to kid

It sure is a very exciting time at the Lals Haven Goat Stud when the ladies are getting ready to kid. I like to have them in the birthingsuites a week before to make sure they are all settled in. They sure do love going to bed in the cosy cubbies. There is always a pair to make sure they feel secure. They are not in the same pen – just side by side. I love being able to glance at the cameras during the night to make sure eveyrthing is ok.

I let them out during the day so they can freely roam and pick the grass. We all walk past the suites all day long so we always takle notice of anything different. It will be the first kidding with us for Espresso, and Kath is a maiden doe – first time. It is so wonderful to have Kath & Bambi kidding at the same time. Kath is Bambi’s daughter. So this is extra special. Lets keep our finsgers crossed everythign goes well for all of them and we birth happy healthy kids from all of them.

I put Kath is earlier with River Dancer to make sure she had plenty of time to adapt to her new surrounds. the other ladies know what its all about so the week prior to kidding is fine.

Stay tuned for lots of kidding spam !!

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