First official show

There is no better place to go to for the first official show than Boneo Park. Team Joyce took Oaks Volta to compete in two classes and LH Johnny for Tiffany to have fun on. Wes has been looking so forward to the official show season to start. He has grand plans for his favourite horse, I loved the words he said to me after riding Volta Friday afternoon.

Finally Oaks Volta’s first official show for the 2017 season

He said,” Trish I hop on and ride him and he feels so strong , powerful and excited to be ridden, then I watch you wash clean him down and he looks so calm relaxed and docile.” Looks are so deceiving and I love it !.” Tiffany met us at Boneo around 10am also very excited to see her main man LH Johnny.

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Only Wes and Volta were to jump today, Tiffany was enjoying some time with her favourite fluffy pony riding around hanging out with her dad. The Open 1.10m was the first class drawing number 53. Volta jumped two lovely clean rounds to place 6th.

Our handsome fella Oaks Volta

Our handsome fella Oaks Volta

By the afternoon the sun had disappeared which made the breeze quite cool. Wes drew number 50 again in the Open 1.20m which meant a bit of a wait until the jump off so Tiffany kindly went back to the truck for a woollen rug to keep her dad warm.

This pair are made for one another

This pair are made for one another

Poor Wes became very cold after lunch

They called out the list of riders for the jump off , requesting who would like to go first. Wes yells out I will go’ without a warm up in the practise arena he is off. Asking the gate lady for the jump off course on the way in. Volta jumped another clean round with some tight lines. Placing 1st was a pleasant surprise to us all.

Competition for everyone

Team Joyce & Barastoc are delighted to run Victorian Showjumper Season Award 

Open to every Equestrian Victoria Registered combinations competing in official showjumping events starting height 1.05m

So easy to nominate click here