Feed types


Team Joyce performance horses are fed only the best type of feed available because if you want to achieve a long healthy life out of your performance horse with top results in competition it is a  must to put in the tank what you wish to get out! Because Barastoc have created a range of products  to meet your animal’s individual needs throughout all stages of life your horse will benefit by behaving happily and being obliging in everything you ask of  them. They can give you what you ask because they are fueled correctly.Whether it be High Performance,Sport and Leisure or Breeding the feeds are scientifically formulated to provide an ideal source of vitamins, minerals and energy, your horse will look and feel its best. Team Joyce feed Calm Performer, Cool Command, Horse Block, Breed and Grow, Ker Equi-Jewel and Groom as outlined below. This is why our horses all look amazing in their coats, hooves , body condition and have long lasting energy levels. Feed is the most important tool in producing a healthy happy horse.



A supplement for a shiny coat and healthy horse.
Crude Protein                  20.0%
Crude Fat                        6.0%

Calm Performer

Cool feed for horses and ponies at maintenance or in light to moderate work.

Crude Protein (min)          11.0%
Crude Fat (min)                2.5%
Digestible Energy (est)     11.0MJ/kg

Cool Command

High energy oats-free muesli feed for performance horses.

Crude Protein (min) 13.0%
Crude Fat (min) 7.0%
Digestible Energy (est) 13.0MJ/kg


Team Joyce feed Ker EquiShure when our horses are under stress in competition , stabled intensely  and fed high amounts of protein. EquiShure gives us the confidence that each horses hind gut is functioning properly.Sometimes the hindgut is overwhelmed with lactic acid when a horse is experiencing acidosis, the intestinal lining becomes inflamed and irritated, causing the horse discomfort. The irritation may be severe enough to induce behavior characteristic of colic.EquiShure, a time-released hindgut buffer, may be beneficial in counteracting the effects of this syndrome so Team Joyce feel confident that by adding this additive we are being reassured our performance horses will not feel the effects of sub-clinical acidosis.

Horse Block

A protein and mineral supplement for horses.
Crude Protein (min)          11.0%
Crude Fat (min)                0.5%

Stay tuned to see what Oaks Volta is fed and why!