Expo results Tonimbuk

Hi, the Expo held at Tonimbuk Indoor today was absolutely fantastic. It was well organised and plenty of people roamed around all day enjoying all the hype.

What beautiful weather and a full car park!


Sarah holding LH King Arthur at the truck

Everything horsey every where you walked! All displays set up exposed many disciplines, from Miniatures to Stock horses and Dressage to Showjumping and more. Team Joyce went along to participate in the 1.20m Open class. We took LH King Arthur and LH Beckham. Sarah and I were Wesley’s strappers and Sarah even helped up with the Judges and Commentator while the display was on.

One of the demonstrations in the Indoor

All the trade stands in the Indoor


All the judges , commentators having a great time smiling for the photo,                  Right: Mickey Morris, Sarah Joyce,Kim & Pat Mouser



11 horses had 2 rounds of jumping and the second round was raised a little. The rider with the least faults and quickest time was declared the winner. Wesley placed 5th on LH Beckham and 6th on LH King Arthur. He was very happy with both of them , LH Beckham jumped clean in the first round and he pulled the second last rail in the jump off but managed a good quick time. LH King Arthur had one rail down in each round, he was very spooky and looked at everything around him. Being indoors is a whole new feature for him so this was good experience for Arthur.

LH Beckham                                                                                                                                               Photo courtesy of Karen Muckersie Backman

LH Beckham in the jump off                                                                                                                  Photo courtesy of Karen Muckersie Backman


Wesley showing his appreciation of the Warragul Horseland Sponsor placing the 2 ribbons on LH Beckham neck.                                                                                                     Many Thanks must go to Warragul Horseland for their Sponsorship, without them is no event and the T-shirts looked great!


Wes & lovely Michelle MC bean waiting for their jump, Arthur and Truespirit were moving sorry for the blurred shot