Elimination ok

Team Joyce travelled to the Sale Showjumping Club Show taking three performance horses. Saturday was super but Sunday resulted in Elimination for Wes on Oaks Volta. Something good always comes out of something bad they say’ well this rings true in this case. It was a long drive home which gave us plenty of time to work out where things went wrong.

Elimination ok will live to jump another day

Wes and I have spent so much time making the portable stables we did not prepare Oaks Volta properly. It took over 18 months to decide what materials to use and with the help from Hanley Welding’s expertise welding the frames we then enclosed all the panels ourselves. Adam is trade qualified Fitter & machinist offering a wide range of products and services for the Rural, Domestic or Equine welding needs.
Email : hanleywelding@gmail.com

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Team Joyce portable stables

Team Joyce portable stables

Very rarely is it the horses fault when things go pair shaped. Wes could feel Volta was far to fresh on Sunday jumping in the 1.20m. Two stops at fence 4 . The weather was wild and windy with a cold snap breeze by 2pm. His eyes were bulging staring at all the things blowing in the wind. Of course he should be concentrating on each jump , today he did it to well !! The flowers either side swaying a little with the infills or also known as dazzle boards waving freaked him out. There were workers holding the fills still until each rider approached but with young horses anything can happen.

Far to looky and spooky

In the warm up Volta looked full of himself. Every young horse is different. Nicky ( LH Miss Boss ) has only been to two shows and not seen much at all. Yet she was not fazed by anything. Admittedly the wind was not blowing as much when she jumped the 1.10m three hours earlier but we did think her behaviour was unflappable on all accounts.

Preparation is the key

So the crutch of this outcome is we did not give Oaks Volta enough work during the week. Maybe Wes should have given him a ride in the morning. These are the things you get to sort over a period of time. We have a good plan in preparation for next weeks show at Boneo Park. Having no stables to make will lend more time. It shows that excuses can be made blaming the conditions etc but at the end of the day one needs not prepare properly.

Family time was the best part

As many of you know our adorable girls well young ladies now live away from home working hard to make a living. They love riding horses wanting to make time to meet Wes & I at shows when possible. Tiffany drove the 3 hours after work Friday excited to jump her LH Johnny in the Speed 1.10m & 1.20m classes on Saturday. Our aim was to come away with good forward paced clear rounds. Tiffany & Johnny achieved this. Wes was very pleased with Volta he to jumped great on Saturday as did Nicky in the 90cm & 1.04m.

No start of Tiffany Sunday

With the weather being so unpredictable on Sunday it was a joined decision for Tiffany not to start and leave on a good note ready for Boneo Park next week.

Perfect match Tiffany & LH Johnny

Perfect match Tiffany & LH Johnny

Its a hard call to make really as the rain cleared after 45 mins but the wind held up. So our motto is don’t look back once you have decided move forward make plans for the next round of showjumping. This coming week Volta will be our first point of call getting exactly what is needed. So stay tuned let us see how we go next week.

Team Joyce had a wonderful weekend together loving showjumping

Loads of loving for this special stallion

It is all about supporting the sponsors who give to our sport of showjumping

Interview with Sam Roberston a showjumper with a very bright future; kindly nominated all his horses supporting the concept of LH Barastoc Victorian Rider Season Award

Thank you Hanley Welding ffor the over head swivel arm for our wash bay

Thank you Hanley Welding for the over head swivel arm for our wash bay