Dressage Saturday Showjumping Sunday

Team Joyce had a very busy weekend, Dressage Saturday Showjumping Sunday. Wes Sarah & I drove to Bunyip Dressage with LH Albert & LH Lily Puss. Then on Sunday Wes & I took our very special Oaks Volta to Sale for showjumping. We used our old stallion float who was previously owned by a very close family member Tracee who is a very talented competitive Eventer back in the day. This float has been in the family for over 20 years ans is still trekking from one end of the country to the other weekly. The old Stallion made floats are made so well , solid and roomy. All the horses travel very well in it. View all results from Dressage competition

Team Joyce compete in Dressage Saturday Showjumping Sunday

Family together enjoying Dressage on Saturday

Family together enjoying Dressage on Saturday

It was so lovely to have Wes come along and support us all afternoon. It rained a lot at home in the morning we got very wet packing the float. Yet at midday the skies had cleared. I was on at 1 & 1.30pm while Sarah was on at 4.30pm & 5pm. It was a long wait but we just chatted and relaxed, if we had been at home we would have found jobs to do. Lily was lovely she was not fazed by the big puddles in the sand arena. I tried to keep her out to the edge but some of the areas were quite deep. All in all we completed two nice testes. they were the best we could achieve and I came away with many little improvements. One of them was walking on a loose rein and taking up the reins. Many times she loves to jiggy jog when collecting but today she stayed relaxed and accepted me trying to pick up the contact.

For me that was a massive up

Sarah & Albi starred in Level 1

Albert put his best hoof forward in both tests. This pair are so easy on the eye, they work around the whole arena with so much flair and gentleness. Wes and I really enjoy watching our girls ride. It really does give us immense pleasure. They placed 1st & 2nd to claim the Jackpot as well. We were the last ones to leave the large car park. The sash is huge ‘ Sarah wore it all afternoon, driving the car and dinner at the table it was still on at 9pm. We all toasted to our wonderful day and went to bed. Up early to take Oaks Volta to Sale.

It was a lovely day as a family

Volta competed in the Open 1.20m & 1.30m

Wes & I arrived by midday with the car and float ready to ride Volta in the Open 1.20m. He jumped 2 clean rounds placing 4th. They then jumped another clean round in the Open 1.30m but in the jump off Wes parted company at the very last fence.

To hear why and how please listen to the Barastoc Chat-ski below

Volta has not jumped at Sale since Nov last year

It has been 12 months since Volta jumped at Sale and last time he actually stopped many strides away from this particular fence set in similar spot. We are thinking it is the tents ‘ and as Wes said in the Chat-ski he feels if he had of given him more room and not tried to cut out the stride and angle the fence all would have been fine. He blames himself totally, Volta jumped impeccable in both classes not touching a rail. I love how you can see Volta listening intently to Wes during the Chat-ski as if to say ” Yes Wes so much was going on when we approached the last fence “, lol. Here are a few pictures of the actual fence with the tent directly in eye shot for the angel Wes was hoping to achieve to save time on the clock.


Team Joyce had a wonderful weekend horsing around

Team Joyce had a wonderful weekend horsing around

So from here we aim for the Boneo Cup & Australian Showjumping Championships all in November so stay tuned and ride with Team Joyce 🙂

Thank you to Gavin , Sale Showjumping Club & Sale Show