Complete package

Barastoc are at the forefront and have been for many years. Why because they have simplified the whole feeding option. All you need is the complete package of 3 products that contain everything.

Complete package

Team Joyce have been educated by Barastoc for over 27 years hence why we find it relatively easy to formulate what feeding regime suits which horse. We take the time to seriously judge each horse on its merit to determine its daily diet. We make many changes in one year paying close attention to the time of the year and work load.

Do you?

What is the Complete package ?

It is so easy the 3 key Barastoc items are listed below. This will give you peace of mind knowing you have covered everything needed for your horse or pony to thrive on. Most people over feed whether it be additives or the processed feed type.

  • Choose the Barastoc feed suited to your horse /pony ( Cool Command – Complete / Calm Performer
  • Place a Barastoc Block for the horse / pony to lick when they need more or less of an element. This is an ad lib option because we do not know if they are lacking or wanting extra copper zinc etc. Give them the option to have it if they feel they need it.
  • Add a small amount of Barastoc Groom daily for healthy hooves mane and tail

No other additives are needed to have a normal healthy horse or pony. Everything is in these products. All the hard work has been done for you. All you need to do is alter according to work load and take into account the season. We create the monsters because we tend to dish up to much. Remember less is more. Stick to the guidelines on the bags they are written for a reason – the nutritionists have carefully formulated the amounts.

Many have asked is Barastoc Groom palatable’ here is the proof – yes it is

Its a great feeling knowing that our Lals Haven Performance horses are getting the very best every day to keep them healthy from the inside out. Most feed companies are far too complicated , Barastoc have simplified the process , you weigh and give very little pellets or muesli with 100g additives. Offer the palatable block ad lib.

Your done it is that simple and that easy and extremely affordable if you actually evaluate the amounts properly.

Again only feed the amount to work ratio. If you are not working your horse a lot decrease your feed accordingly. One last thing it is the cream on the cake – good quality hay adlib. We feed grass hay. When the horses are in a full work load we offer them good quality hay. Why hay and not chaff you ask? It is because the horses stomachs need to break down and work to digest the hay. Chaff is so small the digestive system does not have to do anything therefore the nutrient consumption is minimal.

I have heard people say that they are very sceptical of processed feeds and worry their horses will become fizzy and towey. Choose the right feed type for your horse Barastoc have every nature covered. Feed the right amount and you will achieve a healthy happy horse. Alter the amounts to suit your work load and season.

Don’t forget the different seasons play a massive part in a continuously immaculately looking horse/ pony.

Team Joyce only add a Joint Formula if required to maintain strong healthy joints.

You do not have to be a specialists to know how to feed properly. You just have to think about it and make changes when needed. Be conscientious, flexible and take a strong interest in feed management and you will always have a horse/ pony looking feeling and behaving at their best.

Barastoc offer a FREE DIET ANALYSIS – this tool will help you know what Barastoc feeds would be suitable for your situation. It is so easy to fill out and the information very valuable. Give it a go.

There are also other Barastoc online tools and calculators you can utilise – just click here to find out more.

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