Choose worthy Sires

Breeding is a long process evolving over many years. People that have bred horses over a long period of time will know all to well that being able to produce just one champion is a lottery. Persistence is one part but making sure you choose worthy sires is first and foremost. Deciding on which stallion to breed with brings many questions . Price , first impression on visual looks then maybe looking for performances comes into play.

Team Joyce quote ” the first step is to choose worthy Sires “

Ok so you have a mare and she is your pride and joy , wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a foal but which stallion do I look for. I know something affordable and good looking right ! Well yes of course but don’t you want top value for money. Would you like to produce a foal that contains quality blood running through its veins. Wesley spent many years educating himself in horses breeding blood and performances. His aim is to bred his own champion using a stallion filled with the very best lines.

Our two stallions Oaks Volta & Cera Ducati tick all boxes in relation to the very best quality

Always choose worthy sires in terms of blood – proven performances and price. Many people promote stallions and advertise the stallions Sire’ but many do not mention Dam’s lines in detail. Why? many are out of un-performed mares with no sibling information. If the Dams have no performances then the next best thing to look for is whether they have siblings with performances. Team Joyce are very proud to advertise both our stallions have Dams with International proven blood siblings and performances. Its a win win.

Oaks Volta – Dam Altes van Beekveld

A well performed mare ,Wes and I often watched Altes compete in many Grand Prix and World Cup classes here in Australia never unplaced.

Altes van Beekveld

(Her sire Darco claimed the title ” Worlds best showjumping stallion “, in all Darco sired more than 3000 foals. Darco was the #1 sire of showjumpers for 5 consecutive years (WBFSH) Darco is the #1 sire of having the most offspring competing at GP level )


In the survey of the world’s top 75 jumping sires that appears in the French publication, Monneron 2007-2008, Darco stars, coming in third best sire in the world, with 35 CSI winners.

Oaks Volta

Cera Ducati – Dam Beate

whose mother is a full sister to Clinton I, Clinton II and Hirtin, the mother of Levisto Z . Not a performed mare herself Beate completed her mare testing in Europe gaining 9’s for her character and trainability as well as for her freejumping ability

Beates oldest siblings are already competitive at 1.60m level and her brother Cantoblanco was the champion of the Holstein stallion licensing in 2008.

Beate at home Feb 15

Beate at home

(Her Sire Askari topped his 100 day test, won the German Bundeschampionart as a 5 year old and was a successful 1.60m showjumper himself. )


Askari himself has a very good jumping technique and a good attitude in the competition ring. He passes on many of these traits to produce good jumping offspring, with good rideability and quite careful attitudes.

Cera Ducati


If you do not want to breed don’t worry we hope to offer many magnificent youngsters for sale in the not too distant future by both of our world class stallions giving everybody the opportunity to produce their very own jumping super star