Bega, Moruya & ACT Showjumping Shows

Well what an epic trip away full of jumping. Bega, Moruya and ACT Showjumping Shows are the events we attended.Team Joyce took three horses Oaks Volta, Cera Ducati and Volta’s daughter LH Vindiloo. Our first stop was Bega Showjumping Cup. We had not been back to Bega for 29 years. Why you ask ? Well becasue it was so hot.

Bega Showjumping Cup was so cool

The weather was divine, so was everything else about Bega. Our horses enjoyed it as much as we did. Four full days of jumping one round per horse per day. Wes & I even walked to the town for a cuppa cake with Greg & Michelle it was so relaxing. Our younsgters Cera Ducati and LH Vindiloo easily managed 75cm-1m improving every round. Volta placed 3rd in the Future Stars.

Team Joyce drove onto Moruya

Patrick welcomed us to the town Moruya. Mirrabooka Showjump Club are running the three day show at the Showgrounds. My goodness what a magnificent set up the jumping oval looked immaculate. Patrick had been tirelessly working at preparing it for the riders. Our camp spot could not have been better. It was only a very short bike ride into town for anything at all. So close and so easy.

Here are a couple of video’s of our stay at Moruya

Wes does it all πŸ™‚
Team Joyce venturing into town πŸ™‚
On the road a typical day of fun πŸ™‚

Moruya was a bag of mixed lollies

All the horses jumped well everyday. It was the third day we fired ,in our eyes anyway. The improvement from the first day at Bega to today was massive. Volta’s daughter LH Vindiloo received her first bow placing 4th , 5th went to Cera Ducati they were in the same class. 95cm Accumulator with a 1.10m Joker at the last. Both horses jumped so well and cleared all the fences.

LH Vindiloo
LH Vindiloo in action

Our favorite Oaks Volta starred in the Grand Prix

Wes gave it his all in this class. There were 17 combinations and 4 clean rounds with 10 coming back for the jump off. Wes and Volta had 1 rail in the first round and jumped a superb clear in the jump off placing 7th. Team Joyce missed out on the ribbons so we made our very own 7th ribbon lol and placed it on our special Volta.

Our Sarah & LH Albert Champions in Dressage

While Wes & I are up here in Moruya our eldest daughter Sarah and her husband Coach JB ‘ Josh went to a Dressage competition. Sarah & Albi placed 1st & 2nd in Level 1 HRCAV plus taking out the Jackpot! It was such a perfect way to end the day hearing they to had a wonderful day out competing.

Sarah & Albi strutting their stuff

ACT Championships was a great way to end our trip

It as been 10 years since Team Joyce were at the Epic Centre Canberra Showgrounds. It was when the ASJC Titles were there and Tiffany was in Year 12. Where has time gone? felt different just Wes & I without onoe of our adorable girls. Success comes in all different ways and Team Joyce finished this show reflecting many areas we felt our horses excelled in. Jumping clean is the goal every showjumper hopes to achieve but sometimes it is about how your horse responds to the whole process from start to finish.

Cera Ducati & LH Vindiloo shined in Ring 3

Wes started these two youngsters in every 1m class once a day in Ring 3. It was always a hard task down there because many people need to get into other rings and they have priority over the actual draw order. This ring contained large numbers all show. Our little personal goal was to have our youngsters wait patiently for their turn to jump, warm up calmly and jump the courses with confidence. Both handled it all very well.

Jumping round videos

If you would like to see some of the jumping rounds

Ducati in action 1m class

Oaks Volta shined in the Futurity Section

30 Combinations made the Final class on Sunday. The first qualifier was on Friday & Volta jumped a great clean round in the Speed. Saturday my Wes & Oaks Volta really excelled. They pulled no rails in the second Futurity Qualifier ending up with 2 time faults and a communication mix up at Fence 3. The course builder wins today. Wes said his tempo was to slow to 1 so he hunted to 2 and took off early so 3 came up way to quick.Β On re- approaching fence 3 they sailed over everything with ease.Β 

Easily clears the fences in the Futurity

Volta is weighed on the scales at the Barastoc Horse stand

After his jumping class Team Joyce took Volta over to the Barastoc weigh station to find out his exact weight.

Volta stars in the Futurity Final

Well Team Joyce are so thrilled with how the Final round of the Futurity went on Sunday. It was the very last class of thew day starting at 4.30pm. 30 combinations started 11 jumped clean in the first round. Wes rode superbly and Volta responded well. They actually had the sit in the jump off because they were the fastest clean.

We chatted before warming up and Wes said all his hoped for was to jump another clean round. The fences were raised to about 1.40m-1.45m. 4 riders had gone fast with no rails. As soon as they jumped fence 1 could see things were looking good. Wes was able to drive Volta to the bottom have him in his hands and sail easily over the huge jumps. After they cleared the last fence my heart felt so warm. My eyes welled up and we both had a little moment reflecting on the round.

Our goal was achieved , that feeling of winning inside is enormously rewarding. They placed 5th which to us was a win. Its funny how coming first is the ultimate plan but many times everybody has there very own agenda. Team Joyce go home feeling excited keen and are already making plans for 2020.

To hear our Barastoc Chat-ski sum up of 3 weeks

Results sheet below

Team Joyce were very fortunate on Sunday 12pm to sit and enjoy a very fancy delicious VIP lunch with Barastoc representatives Craig & Caitlin. The food was absolutely amazing. Wes & I did not need any dinner we were so full. Thank you Barastoc for making us feel so important.

Team Joyce are proudly sponsored by

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