Barastoc Chat-ski’s during 2018

Team Joyce have posted over 50 Barastoc Chat-ski’s since 19th August 2014. So many people shared there ups downs , triumphs and tribulations on camera. It is always so touching to actually hear the voice and see the faces to really be able to connect and understand the persons feelings in a certain situation. These Chat-ski’s are full of many different emotions and come to you live in that moment. We wil continue to provide you with Barastoc Chat-ski during 2018.

Barastoc logo chatski

Please sit back and flick through many of the past Barastoc Chat-ski’s there are so many good ones. We shall post all the newer ones on here starting from Easter 2018. If you wish to look up our Youtube channel to search for yourself at a later date this is our URL.

Here is a copy of one of the latest videos :