Team Joyce always want to hear updates on all our Lals Haven Warmbloods Performance horses sold. As many of you already know LH Voltage ( Angus is his home name ) was sold to 16 year old Madi Harnett who lives in Beaudesert QLD. The Harnett family have reported that they are extremely happy with there purchase over the phone – a site unseen gamble. Tara / Madi’s mum saw the Horse Deals Ad in November 2015 asked a few questions then said consider him sold! At weaning Team Joyce spent time handling / loading preparing Voltage for his journey to QLD. LH Voltage is a yearling and very well settled , below is a little story on him to date.

Dear Team Joyce

Angus is well and truly one of the gang now. We pulled out the heavier winter rugs the other day and we thought Angus would fit some of the ponies rugs but they were like badly fitting nicker bockers…. It was very funny, so now he has some new rugs due to be delivered this week. He just won’t stop growing J!

We are always amazed at how quiet he is. We can be playing around with rugs or in the paddock picking up poo with Rosie the dog (in the picture below with Madi) and he takes everything calmly in his stride. We regularly have someone different coming to see the horses, the farrier, the chiro, even the acupuncture therapist and Angus always lines up to get his fair share of attention. He almost looks disappointed when they say, ‘your perfect Angus, nothing to do here’.

There is a picture of Angus below saying hi to Magic over the fence after he had finished being worked. Angus always stands and watches the horses being trained in the arena as if he is cheering from the sidelines or thinking, ‘that will be me when I get a little bit bigger, don’t worry guys….I can do that’. He is such a lovely boy and we can’t wait for him to grow up so that we can see what he can do under saddle. We are positive we won’t be disappointed.

Talk again soon, Madi , Grace & Tara Harnett

LH Voltage in his new home with the Harnett family in QLD

LH Voltage in his new home with the Harnett family in QLD

Thank you for the updates Madi please stay in touch and send us more stories in the future

If you wish to look back and see LH Voltage as a foal with his mum LH Anna click here / scroll down the page


Team Joyce are so excited to watch the long journey ahead as LH Voltage & LH Voldo were only  weanlings at the time of sale. Both have gone to totally different homes in terms of locality and futuristic aspirations. The two little gentlemen were progeny of our handsome stallion Oaks Volta probably one of the best bred colts in the country. Volta posses solid jumping blood from the International Elite level. There is no doubt he himself has a very good chance of becoming well known only time will tell.

Oaks Volta jumping on course

Oaks Volta jumping on course